Wisconsin Ranked #2 in the Country

March 23, 2016

New women’s rugby news website The Breakdown issued its first set of spring national rankings for senior Division 2 women March 23. Wisconsin earned a #2 ranking nationally across the competition.

Via the Breakdown:

So much has changed since last year – teams moved to and from DI, clubs bulked up schedules for a nationals run, and others fell completely off of the radar. This first ranking of the year relies on current results and blends them with the relative strength of regions as demonstrated at last year’s nationals, while also accounting for teams that have left the division. It also serves as a general update on what’s happening around the country.

First, here’s a look at the teams that look particularly strong this year:

Life West is a new team and should be playing in DI, if there was such a competition in the region. The Gladiatrix dominate NorCal and are propelled by Eagles like Jenn Sever and Catie Benson, and age-grade fixtures like Megan Pinson and Megan Foster – among many other talented players. The only drawback – other than meaningful competition – is the post-season barrier they provide to other good DII teams.

Defending DII champion Wisconsin is looking good again at 7-0 and would surprise no one if it returned to the national title match. Like all of the Midwest (and Northeast and Mid-Atlantic), the majority of the regular season was contested in the fall, and the final league games will occur in April. Needless to say, Wisconsin is the Midwest favorite.

See the full rankings article here.

Rank. Team (Record). Recent results
1. Life West (7-0). Lopsided victories in NorCal; won Champagne Classic
2. Wisconsin (7-0). Won Whiskey 10s; last league game April 16
3. Emerald City (6-0). Big lead in Pacific Northwest; beat Tacoma 58-0
4. Burlington (5-1). Atlantic North champion; idle until April 16
5. Augusta (4-0). Defeated Charleston 64-5; lost 25-0 friendly to DI Raleigh
6. Charlotte (5-0). Defeated Eno River 72-0; defeated league opponents 306-19
7. SFGG (4-2). Defeated San Jose 96-15; lost 62-6 to Life West
8. Providence (4-2). Idle until April 2
9. Tucson (5-0). Defeated reigning league champ Fullerton 26-5
10. Cincinnati (5-1). Idle until April 16; April 23 game to watch vs. Scioto Valley
11. KC Jazz (3-0). Friendlies at Nash Bash
12. Milwaukee Scylla (4-2). Gave Wisconsin a good game, beat DI Minn. Valkyries
13. Fullerton (4-1). Lost 26-5 to Tucson
14. Brandywine (6-0). Defeated Morris 41-28 in friendly
15. Buffalo (5-0). Last league game April 16