Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Leadership Endowment

Wisconsin Women’s Rugby celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015. In those 40 (now nearly 50!) years, the team has been a steadfast presence for women’s rugby in the Midwest.

To support future growth and continuing success – both on and off the pitch – the club established an endowment in 2015 thanks to a generous seed donation from coach Bob “Wee Bob” Jafferis. Coach Wee Bob worked with the WWRFC for many years, including leading the WWRFC to the USA Rugby Women’s D2 National Championships in 2015 and 2016.


The mission of the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Leadership Endowment (WWRLE) is to promote the participation of women and girls in all levels of rugby, and encourage women’s rugby players to gain leadership skills that will serve themselves and their community.

Please note that while WWRLE is geared towards ruggers who are women, grant recipients may identify as non-binary or trans.

Examples include: college scholarships for undergrad or graduate students; elite player or coach camps; certification for coaches; and training for referees. The fund will not be used to cover the day-to-day costs of playing or socializing.

WWRFC Alumni, 1976


To apply to the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Leadership Endowment (WWRLE) grant, read more about grant guidelines, read summaries of previous grant recipients, and more, please visit the WWRLE webpage on the Ethos of Rugby Foundation website:


For many years, the WWRLE was managed by WWRFC alumni who continue to be passionate about the growth of the game and development of game participants. The scope of giving has expanded across the entire state, and the endowment board has sought to reflect that by inviting participants from across Wisconsin to step into leadership positions. In early 2019 the endowment was renamed to the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Leadership Endowment (WWRLE). In 2020 the WWRLE became a member of the Ethos of Rugby Foundation, whose mission is to promote the sport of rugby and its ethos by strengthening education, leadership development, and health & wellness.

WWRFC remains dedicated to a fruitful partnership with the WWRLE! In addition to contributing to the Endowment’s legacy, many active players and alumni of WWRFC have directly benefited from the WWRLE.

In 2016, WWRFC committed to donating 5% of all proceeds raised by every fundraising event held by the team; this was increased to 10% of all proceeds in 2023. This partnership is a demonstration of commitment to enrich the lives of ruggers across the state.

USA Rugby Women’s D2 National Championships, 2015


“I loved the coaching course! It really made me think about how I was coached and what your players will need when coming into the game. The trainer was knowledgeable and fun. I cannot wait to share my love of the game with the next generation players!”

Samantha Benson
Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club
USA Rugby Level 2 Coaching Course

“The importance of more women referees in rugby cannot be understated. Women’s rugby in Wisconsin is a tradition of nearly fifty years now and more representation within the reffing personnel can only benefit rugby statewide. The USA rugby course I took is a single step towards this goal. Thank you for funding this opportunity, I look forward to giving back to the community that has given me so much.”

Cori Jensen
Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club
USA Rugby Referee Course


1) CHECK: Please mail a check payable to “Ethos of Rugby Foundation” to:

c/o Ethos of Rugby
P.O. Box 259852
Madison, WI 53725

2) ONLINE: Donations can be made online via the Ethos of Rugby Foundation WWRLE website: WWRLE – Ethos of Rugby Foundation


Questions, concerns, invitations, and feedback can be directed to:

J Johnson, WWRLE Director

Please help share the WWRLE with others and build a brighter future for Wisconsin Women’s Rugby and women’s rugby across our region.




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