Game and Event Schedule

New players, alumni, and fans are welcome to all WWRFC events, games and practices. If you have questions about an upcoming event, e-mail the team. Go here for practice information.

Schedule is tentative and subject to change; MW denotes a Midwest Div. 1 League Match. D1 or D2 denotes a Division 1 or Division 2 opponent. PL denotes a Premiere League opponent (highest level of Senior Women’s Rugby in US).

See past seasons’ results and events here.

League Standings

Player Availability

All players must fill out each season’s availability chart. To access the availability chart, make sure you are receiving e-mails via our team list (join list here!). Alert the captains that you need to be added to the availability roster. This is password protected and you will need a link that the team provides you. Game lineups are determined by availability.

Our team is competitive throughout much of the year. Our players participate as it fits their individual schedules and preferred level of commitment.