Team Resources & Dues

Player Dues

Electronic payments can be sent to the WWRFC treasurer (Micaela) or president (Emma); contact either of them for their Venmo/PayPal contact info. You can also give cash/check payments to the club treasurer.

If you need to make a payment plan contact the club treasurer. Rookies are considered new for the first two seasons (spring and fall).

Dues amounts as of fall 2023:

  • Vets (in-town): $170
  • Vets (out-of-town): $145
  • Rookies: $75
  • Social: $90

Player & Coach Registration

  • USA Rugby Membership 
    Mandatory for all active players/coaches. Renew Annually in August. You must register with USA Rugby to play.

Madison United Rugby Membership

Optional, but helps support MUR. Includes member benefits.

  1. Click this link 
  2. Click the amount you want to donate **monthly rates of $10, $25, and $75 are listed as options. If you want to pay annually ($120, $300, $900) you can enter in that amount in the blank box** 
  3. Select frequency as “Recurring” and if you choose the monthly option, select “recurring monthly on the __” and pick the date you want the money taken out each month. If you’re doing annually, choose “Recurring yearly” at the bottom of the options. 
  4. Click “Contribute” 
  5. Fill out your billing info 
  6. Enjoy discounted beer, entry fees, VIP prizes, etc.

Rugby Clothing & Equipment Resources