WWRFC vs. Detroit RFC Women, and WWRFC (B-side) vs. Oconomowoc

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WWRFC vs Detroit RFC Women

Our first D1 game of the season took place this past Saturday, and although we walked away having lost 24-10, it was a hard fought battle and a good test to see where we stand in our new division. The last time WWRFC faced off Detroit we lost 66-0, so three cheers for achieving a closer score!

The game started off with a lot of physicality right away, possession was going back and forth off rucks and penalties from both sides for not releasing and playing on the ground. Just when it seemed like Detroit was going to get an early lead going, backs captain and scrumhalf Ashley Shaw had a huge break away stopping tackle to force more loose play. The forwards took over briefly after that, with fly half Elisa Becker and prop Sarah Thomas preventing Detroit from gaining any meters. Detroit worked their way into our try zone after some knock-ons were called, but we managed to hold it up. Even though our pack overpowered the scrums on their put ins, their scrumhalf was able to get the ball out quickly, and they eventually got the first try of the game. 5-0 Detroit, missed conversion.

Right off the resetting kick, Detroit almost brought it all the way in, but luckily, Shaw and fullback Sybil Levine made their tackles, preventing back-to-back tries. We made progress into their territory, but continuously beat ourselves with knock-ons and failing to roll away out of the rucks. Detroit kicked it away, and flanker Lauren McCormack won us the lineout; we were able to work it all the way to the outside where wing Sarah Pinkston had a great run to roughly their 10. Our forwards had excellent patience playing crash ball to allow more meters to be gained, but unfortunately we were poached on the outside and Detroit took off running all the way back to score. 10-0 Detroit, conversion kick was no good.

Again, we patiently worked our way back down the field and again calls for not rolling away and not releasing caused turnovers, eventually leading to another break away for Detroit. A high tackle was made, and we were sent to the bin while Detroit was awarded a penalty try. The conversion kick made it through the uprights this time, so 17-0 Detroit. Turnovers were our biggest problem in the first half; we had great support and movement with the ball when we had possession, but too many mistakes happened that allowed them to gain possession back. Detroit scored once more before half and made their kick, stretching their lead to 24-0.

The second half showed a lot of improvement from our team; we were able to stop breakaways before they started, and fresh legs were a huge advantage for us. Rookie Brooke Tashner and prop Tamara Wade provided powerful runs that got us close enough to their uprights for Becker to pull off a clean kick; 24-3 out of the half. Possession went back and forth for the rest of the game off repeated scrums and lineouts, but we were able to force turnovers and stop breakaways a lot more efficiently. Our team worked as a unit to get the ball closer to their zone, and eventually it paid off as Grace made a big run off a scrum into their zone and Becker once again made the kick. 24-10 was the final score, Detroit with the win.


Back of the game: Katie Klas (Inside center)

Forward of the game: Sammy ‘Sam Bam’ Clevenger (Lock)

Player of the Match: Elisa Becker (Flyhalf)


Next up: An away game against the Minnesota Valkyries! Feel free to follow along by following us on twitter @WIWomensRugby.


WWRFC (B-side) vs. Oconomowoc

Following the league game, our B-Side team played a friendly against Oconomowoc. Big thanks to their team for traveling to play us, and shout out to some of the Detroit players who also joined WWRFC for the game! This match consisted of 30 minute halves, and was a great opportunity for everyone to get ample playing time.

Wisconsin got away with an early lead, with wing Brooke Tashner getting the breakaway try. 7-0 including the made conversion from inside center Bree Valenza. Oconomowoc got on the board a few minutes later with a try of their own, but the kick was no good, 7-5. Not to fear, Wisconsin worked the ball back up the field, and once again got it to Brooke on the outside. Another conversion cleanly through the uprights, 14-5. Wisconsin put a stop to any advances Oconomowoc made, and Brooke and fullback Sybil Levine extended our lead to 24-5 into the half.

Second half started, and WWRFC showed no sign of slowing down. Our forwards took over, with a score early on, and another added by captain and 8-man Grace Hovde. 34-5 good guys. After continuously keeping possession off the scrums, we were able to get the ball to the back line quickly, allowing backs’ captain and scrummy Ashley Shaw to get a try and conversion for herself. 41-5 Wisconsin. Oconomowoc got a few more points on the board with a try and made conversion late in the half, bringing the score 41-12. Brooke decided she wasn’t quite tired yet however, and scored yet again. Bree with the conversion, 48-12. With time running down, Wisconsin managed to hold Oconomowoc, and Sybil scored one more just for good measure. Good game Oconomowoc, but WWRFC wins it, 53-12!


Back of the game: Brooke Tashner (Wing)

Forward of the game: Tiffany ‘Tiff’ Wade (Prop)

Player of the Match: Andrea ‘Pogo’ Clark (Hooker)

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