2022 Jersey Auction Day 1

Today is the first day of our online auction for our recently retired jerseys!

Jerseys up for auction today: numbers 1 through 5.

Jersey sizes:

  • No. 1: XL
  • No. 2: M
  • No. 3: XL
  • No. 4: L
  • No. 5: XL

How to bid:

  • Comment on this post with your name, the jersey number you want, and your bid amount.
  • Opening bids must be a minimum of $35.
  • You may bid more than once. Do not delete your previous comments, simply re-bid with a new comment.
  • Auction closes at 10:00pm CST. Winning bidders will be contacted the next day to confirm they’ve won and update them on how to submit payment.


  1. Brittany Aprahamian
    (Donation to a team that has done so much and an endowment that will further the sport we love)

    1. Kim, bidding on this closed last night at 10pm. It’s only open each day 10am-10pm for the day the number is scheduled. If you want a different jersey you can bid on one, though!

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