WWRFC: 1995-2004

(original Instagram post. Researched and curated by Emma Zoch. Text by Andrea Clark.)

Week 3 of Women’s History Month is here! Let’s dive into more WWRFC history and take a look at 1995-2004…

  • Lisa Riehl (mentioned last week, WWRFC coach from 1981-2001) also coached the Midwest Selects Team – which included several WWRFC players!
  • The senior team splits from UW Club in 1998
  • In this period of time, WWRFC either qualified for and/or played in several national tournaments; 1996, 1998 (11th place), 1999 (8th place), 2000 (8th place), and 2001 (7th place)
  • The early 2000s became a rebuilding period
  • Shout out to a number of WWRFC players selected for USA Senior and U23 teams: Shari Dahlberg, Cynthia Gehrke, Sharon Johnson, Phaidra Knight, Julie Lauzen, Kristin Zdanczewicz
  • In 2002, Dahlberg, Gehrke, and Knight all make the USA World Cup Team

We’re proud to have such talented and game changing players in our alumni that took the spotlight during these years! As always, if you have any further information and/or pictures from any chunk of our history please reach out and share it with us! See you next week for more of the 2000s!