WWRFC: 1985-1994

(original Instagram post. Researched and curated by Emma Zoch. Text by Andrea Clark.)

Happy International Women’s Day! Back again with week two of our Women’s History Month series, and today we’re taking a look at the years 1985-1994!

  • In 1985, rugby becomes a UW club sport, and games started to be played at UBay.
  • In 1990, Polly Foureman was selected for the USA Eagles
  • In 1991, the team qualified for nationals
  • During these years, we played a mixture of college and club teams
  • Also in this period we had several players who worked in the Madison Fire Department!

WWRFC/UW-Madison formed a strong bond all those years ago, and we’re proud to say that relationship lives on still today! We love our sister team, and look forward to cheering them on and hosting socials with them as time marches on. Stay tuned for the 90s next week!