Team Celebrates 10th Chili Cookoff Fundraiser

Our Chili Winners – Brittany, Colin, Ben and Matt!

Celebrating 10 years of spicy chili fun, the Wisconsin Women’s Rugby Football Club held the team’s annual Chili Cookoff Fundraiser on Saturday, February 13.

The annual event is a great opportunity to raise money for team travel and training needs, while also providing a fun afternoon of team bonding with our friends, family, alumni, and other Madison United Rugby teams.

The event welcomed 15 chili cooks and – as always – it was a tough competition amongst some delicious, spicy chili pots. Congrats to our winners (pictured above): Colin C., placed first with “The Goods” (2nd from left), tied for second place – Ben’s “Proplife” chili (2nd from right) and Matt’s “I used to work in Chicago” chili (far right). And our own teammate Brittany placed third with her hot veggie chili!

Big thanks to our team sponsor bar, Wilson’s Bar & Grill, for hosting our chili cookoff!

Special thanks to our team’s chili cookoff organizers – Shawna L., Meg D., Lily K., Sybil L., and all of our teammates who helped with set-up, cooking cornbread, clean up and tear down.

It was another great fundraiser for the WWRFC!

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